Ellwood surf. Credit: Brian Wolf
Credit: Brian Wolf


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A central part of our mission is to identify important dogmas, faultlines and shibboleths in the disciplines that are due for careful re-examination topics for these discussion events. To do this, we cultivate and consult a community of friends and advisors to help us identify topics ripe for examination. We welcome (and, indeed rely on) insights from across the disciplines on where these faultlines lies. Please get in touch with us through the form below (if you prefer to remain anonymous) or email us at info@tfi.ucsb.edu.


TFI is made possible by the support of UCSB and the MPS.  With your investment, you will help ensure that The Foundations Institute can continue to accelerate progress in the sciences. 

When we can safely reopen, we look forward to launching TFI at the historic Campbell Ranch House, a Spanish colonial-style mansion overlooking the Pacific. Funding packages and naming opportunities at a range of levels can be tailored to meet the donor’s areas of interests. For more information on supporting The Foundations Institute, please contact Nicole Klanfer [nicole.klanfer@ucsb.edu]